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ERP (Inventory, Purchasing, Accounting, Manufacturing Software)

SGEEDE ERP, which stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning," from SGEEDE, is an enterprise software that helps the company put all data, modules, department and the puzzle pieces together. An organized and smart tool who helps the company do its work better.

ERP helps companies organize everything from sales to payroll, from inventory to finance, and even to project management. It is a full set application that connects the different parts of your company, so that everything runs seamlessly. 

ERP helps reduce human error and speed up various processes. For example, with ERP, you can quickly see how many products you have in your warehouse, or you can see how much money you make in a month in just seconds. It also helps companies become more efficient and cost-effective.

Manufacturing Industry

Comprehensive features integrated in a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your end-to-end operational business easier.

Retail & E-commerce

It's great for retailers to manage their sales, inventory, and customer data both online and in physical stores.


Healthcare providers can use ERP to streamline patient records, billing, and inventory management.

Construction & Engineering

ERP can assist in project management, procurement, and resource allocation for construction companies.


Hotels and restaurants can benefit from ERP to handle reservations, inventory, and customer service.

Service-Based Business

Companies offering services like consulting, maintenance, or repairs can use ERP to manage appointments, billing, and customer relationships.


Farming and agribusinesses can use ERP for inventory management, as well as supply chain optimization.

Transport & Logistics

ERP can help in tracking shipments, managing routes, and optimizing logistics operations.

Financial Service

All real-time business accounting features such as general ledger, account receivable, account payable, accounting management, budgetary accounting, and all essential functionalities for bookkeeping needs.

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