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Benefit Using ERP

All in one business needs in one place

Our platform brings together a comprehensive suite of features, seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, offering you a centralized hub for managing all aspects of your business. Monitor your end-to-end operational processes effortlessly, from tracking key performance indicators to managing resources efficiently. Gain insights, make informed decisions, and streamline your workflow, all within the convenience of a single, intuitive interface. Simplify complexity, enhance productivity, and take control of your business with our integrated solution.

Costumized solutions

Your business may possess distinctive requirements stemming from its specific industry, operational structure, or growth objectives. These unique challenges can be effectively addressed through the implementation of customized workflows. Our goal is to collaborate with you in crafting solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals, fostering efficiency, innovation, and long-term success.

Finance, HR & Payroll

All real-time business accounting features are at your fingertips, including a comprehensive general ledger, streamlined accounts receivable and payable, robust accounting management tools, and specialized budgetary accounting capabilities. Our platform encompasses all essential functionalities required for efficient financial management. Experience the convenience of a unified system that enhances accuracy, transparency, and overall financial control, empowering you to make informed decisions for the success of your business.

Wholesalers & Distribution

Efficiently oversee the entire lifecycle of your products, from the management of raw materials to the timely delivery of the finished goods to customers in the market, all seamlessly integrated within a unified platform. Our comprehensive solution provides a centralized hub for monitoring and optimizing each stage of the production and supply chain. Track inventory levels, manage production workflows, and ensure timely deliveries, all with real-time insights and controls.

Available Full Modules

ERP helps companies organize everything from sales to payroll, from inventory to finance, and even to project management. It is a full set application that connects the different parts of your company, so that everything runs seamlessly.







ERP Suitable For

Manufacturing Industry

Comprehensive features integrated in a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your end-to-end operational business easier.

Service-Based Business

Companies offering services like consulting, maintenance, or repairs can use ERP to manage appointments, billing, and customer relationships.

Financial Service

All real-time business accounting features such as general ledger, account receivable, account payable, and all essential functionalities for bookkeeping needs.

Retail & E-commerce

It's great for retailers to manage their sales, inventory, and customer data both online and in physical stores.


Healthcare providers can use ERP to streamline patient records, billing, and inventory management.


Hotels and restaurants can benefit from ERP to handle reservations, inventory, and customer service.


Farming and agribusinesses can use ERP for inventory management, as well as supply chain optimization.

Construction & Engineering

ERP can assist in project management, procurement, and resource allocation for construction companies.

Transport & Logistics

ERP can help in tracking shipments, managing routes, and optimizing logistics operations.

What Our Partners are Saying

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We likely could not have successfully implemented our ecommerce project but for the assistance of SGEEDE.

Shankar, CTO - Tigernix
 Singapore Singapore

I have been looking for a reliable partner to work with for several months. Overprices and delay were always on my way. But with SGEEDE, I found someone to relay on, I can count that they will do the job.

Daniel Alejando Mendieta Pacheco
FSL AYNI S.A. - Ecuador Singapore

Thanks kepada SGEEDE karena sekarang kami Perfect Corner telah memiliki sebuah website E-Commerce yang "WOW, Elegan dan Simple", sesuai yang kami harapkan. Thanks for GREAT support, SGEEDE.

Piter -
Indonesia Singapore

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