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Why SGEEDE as your Odoo Development Partner?

Our Key Attributes

SGEEDE takes customization to the next level within Odoo, ensuring that each customer's distinctive requirements are not only met but surpassed. Our adept team specializes in develop customized modules, workflows, and functionalities that suit the customer's business needs.
Having more than 10 years of experienced and expert team in Odoo development gives an edge in understanding the features and potential of the system better. It also allows for more effective problem-solving.   
Providing strong support and effective training to customers helps them maximize the benefits of Odoo. These advantages allow customers to feel comfortable in using the system.
Indonesia offers a compelling advantage in cost efficiency, attractive destination for cost-effective software development.

Our Advantages

Strong Integration

Companies that are able to integrate Odoo with other systems such as e-commerce, financial, or any other system have the advantage of providing a complete solution that works well.

Code Quality and Security

Developing quality code and ensuring a high level of security in an Odoo implementation is very important. Companies that give importance to code quality and security give confidence to customers.

Ability to Provide End-to-End Solutions

The ability to provide end-to-end solutions, from needs analysis to implementation and long-term support, is a big advantage.

Maximize Global Connectivity

Benefit from timezone alignment for seamless collaboration with clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

Odoo Implementation by SGEEDE

Business Needs Analysis

Our team will actively engage with the client, fostering a collaborative partnership to thoroughly grasp and align with their overarching business objectives and specific requirements. This involves comprehending existing business processes and identifying areas where Odoo can deliver significant value, streamline operations, and enhance overall business efficiency.

Development and Integration

SGEEDE team is committed to a comprehensive development process. Our team will develop the Odoo solution and integrate it. Our focus on detail-oriented development and integration aims to deliver a robust, reliable, and fully functional solution that aligns precisely with the client's unique business needs and objectives.

Support and Maintenance

SGEEDE team will go beyond the development phase to offer continuous support and maintenance for the Odoo solution. Our dedicated support team remains readily available, ensuring seamless communication with the client for immediate issue resolution and proactive updates.

Continuous Improvement

Our team is dedicated to a proactive approach to maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the Odoo system. This commitment to continuous monitoring and evaluation underscores our proactive stance in enhancing the Odoo system, providing our clients with a cutting-edge solution that adapts seamlessly to their growing requirements.

Customer Base

A lot of customer from all over the world who trust us as odoo partners


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